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A luxurious new set packed with Australian botanticals

What we do

At Honua Bars we make naturally nourishing, fabulously foamy and long lasting shampoo and conditioner bars. Our purpose is to alleviate the plastic crisis with our zero waste bars.

We formulate using sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest quality that are gentle on both skin and hair.

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Vegan, plastic free and eco conscious hair care

Our bars are soap free, pH balanced, plastic free, handmade in Australia and contain no nasties. Click here to get the low down on all of our icons. 

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How to use a Honua Shampoo Bar

Step 1: Thoroughly wet both your hair and the shampoo bar

Step 2: Swipe the bar over your roots in a circular motion to build up a lather, and rub the bar down your strands, adding water as you go

Save 6 plastic bottles with each set

The best thing about our beautiful bars is how many plastic bottles they replace. Depending on your hair length and volume, each pair can save 6 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or our oceans. Be a zero waste hero and make the switch today!


What type of eco chick are you?

The plastic crisis & what we can do

The plastic crisis & what we can do

‘Our blue planet is facing one of the biggest threats in human history.  Trillions of pieces of plastic are choking the very lifeblood of our earth’ - Drowning in Plastic, BBC Scary fact: Almost every piece of plastic ever made, still exists today. According to a government report on kerbside...

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Shampoo bar myths debunked

Shampoo bar myths debunked

You got questions? We got answers. This is where shampoo bar myths get DEBUNKED!   Myth No 1: Using a shampoo bar will feel like rubbing a block of cheese on my head, and it won’t lather.  Myth debunked: This is people’s no 1 expectation, but if you have purchased a proper...

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Soap Free hair care: why it's better

Soap Free hair care: why it's better

Wondering why our packaging says Soap Free?   There are a lot of shampoo bars on the market that are actually a soap-based formulation. Soap is made of fats and lye, and has a very high pH around 10, far higher than the pH of your hair and scalp of...

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Salon quality ingredients

Our bars are formulated to be the highest quality on the market. You will have soft, clean hair from the very first wash. Our bars are overflowing with incredible ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and hydrolysed oats.

Our shampoo bars are soap free, meaning no 'transition period' or 'acid rinse' required. We use a blend of gentle sulfate-free cleansers to clean your hair without stripping it, and to give the bar a rich creamy lather.

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