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What we do

We make shampoo & conditioner bars to alleviate the plastic crisis.

Each Honua Shampoo Bar is overflowing with deeply nourishing ingredients for radiantly healthy hair. Start your plastic free bathroom journey today!


No sulfates, soap, parabens, silicones or phthalates. Vegan & handmade in Australia.

Plastic Free

Our ultra-concentrated bars don't require plastic packaging. One bar is equivalent to 3 plastic bottles.

pH Balanced

Our pH balanced formulas are gentle on hair & skin, and are great for coloured hair.

Guaranteed Results

Soft, clean hair from the first wash or your money back; no questions asked.

Supporting Marine Conservation

We proudly support the Australian Conservation Fund, who push for bold solutions around climate change, pollution prevention and environmental preservation. 5% of all profits go to the ACF.

Your purchase will help the ACF in its critical work, as well as preventing plastic from ending up in our precious oceans and waterways.


Questions and Answers

  • Is it a bar of soap?

    Absolutely NOT! Shampoo and soap are completely different products, and you should never wash your hair with soap. Soap has a high pH which will leave cuticles open and damage the hair shaft. Our zero waste bars are the same as salon quality shampoo, except we took water out the equation. Thus our ultra-concentrated bars last far longer than their bottle equivalents. Be wary of cowboy 'shampoo bar' brands that are really just selling soap. Check the ingredients- if it's mostly just oils, butters and sodium hydroxide then it's soap, not shampoo.

  • Which bar is best for my hair type?

    Both pairs in our range suit all hair types, but for hair on the dry side we recommend the Liliko'i set, and for oilier hair we recommend the Coconut Citrus Sorbet set.

    All of our bars are ideal for those with sensitive scalps or coloured hair due to our gentle, sulfate-free formulations.

  • Can I use it as a body wash?

    Yes, but it's an expensive way to go about it. Our bars are shampoo and not soap, and thus they are pH balanced to around a 5 to match the pH of the hair. Soap has a pH of 9-10. The high pH of soap means it is a strong cleanser; this is fine for skin as skin is alive and can quickly regain its acid mantle. Hair however is dead and cannot bounce back, which is why shampoo is formulated with different surfactants (cleansers) from soap. 

  • Are they good for coloured hair?

    Yes, they are GREAT thanks to our sulfate-free & pH balanced formulas. Our gentle formulations will not strip your hair of colour like more aggressive formulas can.

  • What does Honua mean?

    Honua means earth, seas and mountains in Hawaiian and encapsulates our tropical ecoluxe philosophy ūüĆī