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Our Story

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Honua Bars values come from being environmentally conscious, animal loving people dedicated to kindness and making a positive impact, including on our planet. 

Our actions today can shape a greener and more compassionate future for all living beings. Whether it's using sustainable practices in our business, or helping others to adopt eco-friendly habits, Honua Bars are committed to making every choice count and helping you to do the same.

About Honua
Honua means earth, and that's where our focus is. Please explore our website and blog space where you'll find a range of products that focus on sustainability, both environmental and financial (because this cost-of-living crisis is insane).

Let's embark on an exciting journey together and discover the power we hold as individuals to create real change whilst saving money and still enjoying our lives.
Join me as we work towards a harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment we share through simple, sustainable and cost-effective changes!