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Wood Pedestal Soap Stand

Sale price$15.19

Our distressed white wood Pedestal Soup Stand is a welcome addition to all households. 

The distressed white wood pedestal soap stand is a functional and decorative bathroom accessory designed to hold soap in a stylish and functional manner.

This soap stand is crafted from wood, which has been intentionally distressed to give it an aged, weathered appearance. The wood is then painted white to create a shabby chic or farmhouse-style look.

The stand consists of a pedestal base with a flat top surface where you can place your soap. The distressed finish adds character and charm to the design, giving it a vintage and rustic aesthetic. The stand may have some imperfections, such as chipped paint or rough edges, to enhance its distressed appearance.

The soap stand is designed to keep your soap elevated and dry, preventing it from sitting in water and extending the life of the soap. The pedestal design allows air to circulate around the soap, helping it dry faster between uses.

Color:Distressed White
Wood Pedestal Soap Stand - Honua Bars
Wood Pedestal Soap Stand Sale price$15.19