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Diatomite Honua Plate


Our Honua Plates are made of diatomite, a sedimentary rock formed by fossilised phytoplankton. 

Place your Honua Bars on the plate after use to keep them in tip top condition; the plate will soak up any excess water, a bit like a rock sponge. They're compact, made to fit in even the tiniest of bathrooms.

We highly recommend placing your bars on some sort of drainer between washes; or failing that pat them dry and keep in a cool dry place. Shampoo bars can degrade if left lying in puddles of water, as they are made with natural ingredients. 

These plates are designed to take up as little room as possible while still holding one shampoo and one conditioner bar.

Display your Honua Bars with pride and lengthen their lifespan by keeping them on a Honua Plate. Who knew zero waste could look so damn cute!

Diameter: 10cm. 

Please note: This plate is a natural product, and as such we do advise that you do not leave it in a prolonged humid and wet state. It has some mould resistance, but we recommend you periodically give your plate a quick clean and let it dry completely in the sun or a well ventilated area to ensure peak performance. 


Vegan and cruelty free; never tested on any floofy animals!


Made and owned in Australia


Plastic free & made with sustainable, natural ingredients.

Diatomite Honua Plate