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Gardeners/Tradie Bar

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Introducing our powerhouse soap bar for the toughest, dirtiest hands – the ultimate cleansing companion that means business!

Gardeners/Tradie Soap Bars are not your average soap; they are a dirt-demolishing dynamo, purpose-built for those gritty, grimy, and grubby situations. Whether you've been toiling in the garden, fixing a car, or conquering a home improvement project, this soap is your go-to solution for a no-nonsense clean.

These bars means business from the moment it touches your skin. They are specially formulated, using an exfoliating blend of natural ingredients takes on the toughest stains, oils, and residues that dare to cling to your hands. Stubborn grease and garden soil – consider them history!

The pumice in our Gardeners/Tradie Bars is designed to scrub away the deepest layers of dirt, revealing your clean, refreshed skin beneath. And don't worry, it's tough on dirt but gentle on your hands, leaving them moisturized and revitalized, not dry and stripped.

Our Gardeners/Tradie Bars aren't just for the garage or garden shed; it's perfect for any hands that get down and dirty. Keep it in your workshop, by the sink, or in the bathroom – wherever dirty hands are in need of a deep, satisfying cleanse.

Say goodbye to stains, grime, and regrets and say hello to clean, refreshed, and ready-for-anything hands with our Dirty Hands Soap Bar. When the going gets tough, this soap gets tougher. Get your hands on it and experience the ultimate clean!

Grey Bar - 130g

Our formula has Pumice, fine Walnut shell and Activated Charcoal for the deep cleaning and get into the grooves. But these have been added to our unique blend of Olive, coconut, canola, rice bran and shea butter with tea tree and rosemary essential oils for that clean aroma. 

Brown Bar - Approx. 135-155g

This soap is great for removing grease, grime and dirt while leaving your hands soft and clean. It is filled to the brim with oils with a gorgeous scent of orange and cinnamon but contains the added benefit of tallow. This product is not suitable for strict vegans or vegetarians.



Gardeners/Tradie Bar - Honua Bars
Gardeners/Tradie Bar Sale price$8.50