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Article: Surf Hair Care Tips

Surf Hair Care Tips - Honua Bars

Surf Hair Care Tips


This one's for all you surf sisters and ocean lovers!

Whether you're a surfer, bodyboarder, diver or swimmer, the struggle is real when trying to keep your hair in tippy-top condition. The salt, sun and wave-induced knots can all play havoc with your precious locks. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your hair looking healthy and happy after the surf:

Leave your hair down: loose hair actually breaks less than hair tied up when surfing! 

Wet your hair before going for a swim: If you'll be swimming in the ocean or a pool, soaking your hair with fresh water will prevent the strands from absorbing too much salt or chlorinated water because there won't be much room left inside the strands.


Whenever possible, let your hair air dry. Reducing heat damage from hair dryers will help your hair stay healthy, especially if it’s already taken a beating out in the surf.

Coconut oil: “After a long day in the sun and surf, I’ll use coconut oil in my hair as an awesome rejuvenating hair mask,” says Sally Fitzgibbons, pro surfer from Gerroa. 

Wash off: “If you don’t shower off in fresh water after a surf, your hair stays salty, feels fried, and sometimes breaks off,” says longboarding champion Honolua Blomfield.

Use a super moisturising, plastic free conditioner afterwards: Our Honua Bars conditioners are jam-packed with hydrating ingredients to restore life to your sun-soaked hair! Heavy hitters like panthenol, argan oil and hydrolysed protein will help lock in moisture and restore life to dry hair.

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