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Can you also use Honua Bars as body wash?

Yes, but it's an expensive way to go about it. Our bars are *not soap*; they are shampoo and thus they are pH balanced to around a 5 to match the pH of the hair. Soap has a pH of 9-10. The high pH of soap means it is a strong cleanser; this is fine for skin as skin is alive and can quickly regain its acid mantle. Hair however is dead and cannot bounce back, which is why shampoo is formulated with different surfactants (cleansers) from soap. 

Where are you based?

We manufacture on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

Does the shampoo lather like a liquid does?

Yes, the shampoo bars lather like crazy due to our premium blend of gentle surfactants. (surfactant = cleansing and foaming agent that traps dirt and allows it to be washed away)

Are Honua Bars good for coloured hair?

Honua Bars are not just good but great for coloured hair, due to the fact that they are formulated with gentle surfactants, have a mildly acidic pH and contain no sulfates. 

Do you have formulations specifically for dry or oily hair?

Our range of pineapple shaped Honua Bars are suitable for all hair types but optimised for normal to slightly oily hair; though having said that any sulfate free shampoo is often a good option for those with dry hair, so you might well find it's still a pretty good fit! Our limited edition bars are generalists formulated to suit all hair types.

How will I transport my bars?

Our sisal travel bags are ideal for short haul travel, just pat the bar down and place in the bag for a super eco and lightweight travel solution. You can hang them up too, which is handy. These bags are made of totally natural fibre (cotton flax sisal) and are biodegradable; they're so eco it hurts! All of our limited edition bars come with a travel tin included. 

Are Honua Bars suitable for kids?

Yes, but not ideal for young babies. Baby formulations would only include extremely mild surfactants, which wouldn’t have enough cleansing power for child or adult shampoo. 

What shipping materials do you use?

We use ‘cardboard bubble-wrap’, tissue paper, paper stickers and compostable mailer bags; no plastic in sight! Zero waste is easy with Honua Bars.

What is a Honua Plate?

This is a holder, or drainer for your bars. Place your bars on a Honua Plate between showers so that they stay dry and in tip-top shape. Our Honua Plates are made of diatomite, a sedimentary rock formed by fossilised phytoplankton, and will soak up all the excess water very quickly. Use the matching plate to display your bars with pride!

Do I need to buy the Honua Plate to go with the bars?

It’s highly recommended because it will enhance your solid hair care experience and extend the lifetime of your bars. Keeping your hair bars well drained and dry between washes is important because the natural ingredients can degrade if left in standing water. If you don’t have some sort of drainer or Honua Plate, it is recommended that you pat the bar dry between uses and put it in a cool dry place. 

Are Honua Bars vegan?

YES! And so are we! So you can always expect the highest and most ethical standards to be upheld when it comes to sourcing ingredients and testing our bars. 

What should I do if I think I have an allergy or sensitivity to any essential oils in Honua Bars?

If you have a history of sensitivities or allergies, please perform a skin test first. 

Honua Bars are non-soap; what does that mean?

There are a few ‘shampoo’ bars out there that are really just soap; you should never shampoo your hair with soap!  Honua Bars are formulated with gentle surfactants to clean your hair, unlike soap which is a harsh surfactant. While soap is fine for your skin (because skin is alive and can quickly regenerate its acid mantle, whereas hair is dead and cannot), using soap on hair will leave your cuticle cells open and prone to damage, breakage and tangling. See our Soap Free page for more details.

How many washes will I get out of my Honua Shampoo Bar?

It will depend on your hair length and volume, and how well you care for the bar between washes. Our in house trials suggest around 90-100 washes on medium length fine hair, keeping the bar dry and well drained between washes. 

How do you calculate the 3 bottles per shampoo bar statistic?

According to the Procter & Gamble website, most women use 10ml of liquid shampoo per wash; so a 300ml Herbal Essences sized bottle would last 30 washes. You get 90-100 washes out of a Honua Shampoo Bar, thus you’d need to buy 3-3.3 bottles for each bar. 

 Do you ship to my country?

For the time being we are only shipping to Australia and NZ but we hope to expand to worldwide soon!