If you're new to solid haircare then be sure to consult our handy guide, to ensure you pick the right bar for your hair. Solid haircare is a relatively new industry and there are some brands out there selling bars that unfortunately will not do your hair any favours (i.e. soap-based bars).
Get the complete low down on shampoo bars so that you make an informed choice, and know how to spot a great bar when you see one! 
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Topics covered: 
  • What to look for and avoid if you have coloured hair
  • The two different types of shampoo bars
  • Why soap is not the same thing as shampoo
  • How to spot undesirable soap-based bars based on their ingredients
  • Why you should avoid DIY shampoo bar recipes from the internet
  • How to properly care for your shampoo bar 
  • Shampoo bars as a body wash
  • A guide to different types of silicones
  • Palm oil discussion