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Shampoo Bar Use and Care

How to use your Honua Shampoo
Thoroughly wet your hair and the bar. Rub the bar over the roots of your hair in a circular motion and then down the strands, adding water as you go, building up a nice thick lather. Rinse. 
With a bar you're simply adding the water yourself; most liquid shampoos are 80% water and 20% shampoo; but our bars are a mega concentrated 100% shampoo.
How to use your Honua Conditioner
Wet the bar and rub for a few seconds to create a slight silky lotion. Slide the bar over the ends of your hair. Put the bar down and massage the conditioner into the strands. Wait a couple minutes before rinsing out.
This won’t lather up like the shampoo. If you have long hair it might help to hold your hair in one hand while rubbing the bar down the hair with your other hand. Keep adding water as you go. 
Remember, for both bars a little will go a long way because you’re adding the water yourself. You'll likely use a bit too much on the first couple of tries, and adjust your usage down with practice.
Where to put it
1. A draining shelf in your shower that isn’t in the stream of water, if you have one.
2. Place on your favourite Diatomite Honua Plate or pat dry and hang in our Sisal Travel Bags away from water. (I.e. not on the shower taps where water will fall on them!)
3. A draining soap dish - available soon!
4. Or our special, sustainably sourced, limited edition beach themed soap holders - available soon!

Anywhere that is relatively cool and dry will do. If you can avoid leaving the bar in a puddle of water then this will extend its life and keep it looking pretty.