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Bamboo Air Dry Magnetic Bar Holder

Sale price$20.00

Step aside, ordinary soap dishes! The Bamboo Base has entered the chat.

Handmade with love and conscience, our Bamboo Base is like a cosy hammock for both your shampoo and conditioner bars. With a magnetic grip, it's like magic—no more slippery soap escapades. Transforming your shower into a tropical oasis, one bar at a time.

- Bamboo’s Big Hug: Strong as it is stylish—and super eco-friendly to boot.

- No Slip, All Grip: That magnetic magic makes sure your bars chill without any spills.

- Eco Swag: Elevate your shower’s vibe while giving our planet a high-five.

How to Use:

- Peel off adhesive strip and affix holder to a clean, dry wall of your shower or bathroom. Place out of the stream of water. Hold for 10 seconds and wait 2 hours before using.
- Press magnet cap into the flat face of your shampoo bar. Once your current bar is finished, reuse with the next bar.
- Let the magnet cap click satisfyingly onto the magnet base of the holder. Your bar will now air dry and stay gorgeous!


- Air drying and infinitely reusable
- Easy-to-affix self-adhesive strip
- Made of bamboo, highly mould resistant
- Sleek design for beautiful bathrooms
- Strongly magnetic
- Easy to remove, leaves no marks
- Great for shampoo bars, conditioner bars and soaps up to 500g

Bamboo Air Dry Magnetic Bar Holder Sale price$20.00