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Article: Ingredient Focus: Argan Oil

Ingredient Focus: Argan Oil - Honua Bars

Ingredient Focus: Argan Oil

Moroccan argan oil is sometimes dubbed 'liquid gold'; it is derived from the nut of the Moroccan argan tree and is known to restore softness, strength and shine to hair. It can be found in our Liliko'i & Hibiscus Star Fruit Conditioner Bar.

Argan oil contains high quantities of vitamin E, containing antioxidants to help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair. 

Here are our top 3 reasons why your hair will LOVE argan oil!

1. Restores moisture and shine

No one wants greasy, flat hair. Argan oil may sound oily but don't worry, it won't make your hair feel greasy! The vitamin E and fatty acids present in argan oil deeply nourish your hair and lock in the moisture. You'll be left silky, shiny hair that’s easy to brush and maintain.

2. Protection against environmental damage

We put our precious hair through a lot- particularly when it comes to sun, sea and styling! The result? Distressed hair that’s thirsty for moisture and some TLC. Argan oil can combat this because it is rich with antioxidants, it protects your hair from heat, salt, and other toxins present in the environment, and keeps it healthy and beautiful.

3. Less frizz & flyaways

One of our favourite benefits of using argan oil in our conditioner is that it makes your hair appear shiny, by creating a protective sheath around the hair shaft. That means no more frizz, no more split ends, and no more flyaways. 💕

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