Why 'Soap free' matters

Wondering why our packaging says Soap Free?


There are a lot of shampoo bars on the market that are actually a soap-based formulation. Soap is made of fats and lye, and has a very high pH around 10, far higher than the pH of your hair and scalp of around 5. Washing your hair with soap doesn't allow the cuticles of the hair to close down, leading to dull, dry hair that is prone to breaking and tangling. It is not possible to pH balance a soap bar down into the hair friendly zone, the product would simply break down and no longer be soap. 

The overlapping scales are the cuticles

Strong cleansers like soap are fine for our skin, because skin is alive and can quickly regenerate its acid mantle; however hair is dead and cannot bounce back in the same way. 

Honua Bars have been scrupulously formulated with a blend of mild coconut and sugar based cleansers rather than soap, and our bars sit within the optimal pH range for the hair. Your hair will be gently cleansed and the cuticles will be laid flat, protecting the hair shaft. Our bars are also free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates, and all our packaging is biodegradable. 

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