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Bamboo Window Squeegee

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A Bamboo Window Squeegee is a versatile and eco-friendly cleaning tool designed for effectively removing water and cleaning solutions from glass surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, shower doors, and tiles. It combines the functionality of a traditional squeegee with an environmentally sustainable bamboo handle. 

The handle of the squeegee is the standout feature, usually made from bamboo, a rapidly renewable and eco-friendly resource. Bamboo is an ideal choice because it is strong, lightweight, and biodegradable.

Attached to the bamboo handle is a rubber blade or blade strip, which is the working part of the squeegee. This blade is designed to efficiently remove water, soap, and cleaning solutions from glass surfaces without streaks or residue.

The bamboo handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to easily manoeuvre the squeegee across different glass surfaces.

The rubber blade is often replaceable, ensuring the longevity of the squeegee. It is securely attached to the handle and designed to conform to the contours of the glass, ensuring thorough and streak-free cleaning.

Cleaning and maintaining a Bamboo Window Squeegee is straightforward. You can rinse it with water after use and occasionally wipe down the blade with a cloth to prevent soap residue build up.

In summary, a Bamboo Window Squeegee is an eco-conscious and efficient cleaning tool that provides streak-free and sparkling clean glass surfaces. Its combination of a bamboo handle and a high-quality rubber blade makes it a durable and sustainable addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Bamboo Window Squeegee - Honua Bars
Bamboo Window Squeegee Sale price$7.99