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Hand Knitted Cotton Washers

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Hand Knitted Cotton Washers are charming and eco-friendly bathing accessories that offer a unique blend of functionality and craftsmanship. Here's a detailed description:

These washers are skillfully handcrafted using 100% natural cotton yarn. The use of cotton makes them soft, gentle, and perfect for various skincare routines.

Each washer is meticulously hand knitted by skilled artisans. This handmade approach ensures that every washer is unique and showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of the creator.

Hand knitted cotton washers feature a textured pattern, created through the knitting process. This texture provides a gentle exfoliation effect when used on the skin, making it excellent for removing dead skin cells and promoting healthy, radiant skin.

These washers are an eco-conscious choice. Cotton is a biodegradable and renewable resource, making these washers an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic or disposable cleansing products.

Hand knitted cotton washers are versatile and suitable for various uses in your skincare routine. They can be used for face and body cleansing, as well as for removing makeup or applying facial masks.

Despite their exfoliating texture, hand knitted cotton washers are known for their softness and gentleness on the skin. The natural fibers of cotton are less likely to irritate or scratch, making them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

While delicate in appearance, hand knitted cotton washers are surprisingly durable. The high-quality cotton yarn used in their construction ensures they can withstand frequent use and washing.

To care for hand knitted cotton washers, simply machine wash them in cold water with mild detergent, and air dry them to maintain their softness and shape.

Hand Knitted Cotton Washers are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. Their handmade craftsmanship, gentle exfoliation, and eco-friendly properties make them a delightful addition to your daily skincare routine.

Hand Knitted Cotton Washers - Honua Bars
Hand Knitted Cotton Washers Sale price$4.00